There’s no denying the svelte form factor of the Sony RX100 line of powerful vlogging P&S cameras, however the diminutive size comes with some challenges… notably with gripping them. In some cases, it can feel awkward as you command your hand to form a claw when holding the camera at odd angles. That’s why I found the KiWAV Grippie accessory to be so compelling.

There are plenty of add-on grips that you can adhere to the body of the RX100 but this is the first one I found that also extends down to form an actual handle for your pinky and ring fingers to wrap around. While the price of  $50 can certainly be off-putting, the construction is quite solid and is made out of CNC machined aluminum. It sticks to the camera via a 3M strip and once applied, it stays in place quite securely. Check out this unboxing video to learn more about this sweet product.

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