So yeah… I’m kind of obsessed with flying my drone but it’s not for the reason you might think. Well, maybe it is. This isn’t my first rodeo with drones. In fact, the DJI Mavic Pro is actually my third drone. I actually gave away my first two drones to friends if you could believe it. The Phantom series is exceptionally powerful but it’s also very bulky and when I’m heading out on a hike to shoot stuff, I tend to want to keep gear limited to a single bag. Now, there are plenty of bags made for drones that can also store a camera and some lenses. In fact, I reviewed one such bag a while back and it’s something I may return to down the road. But for now, the compact form factor of the Mavic Pro is simply amazing and you know what? It’s a joy to use. So with that, check out Ep.008 of the vlog for some fresh in-the-air footage.

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