Unbox: DJI Mavic Pro

UNBOX: DJI Mavic Pro

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I’ve actually had the DJI Mavic Pro sitting on a shelf for almost two months. I’d stare at it every day, waiting to have time to film an unboxing video of it. That day finally arrived and I was able to take a knife to the protective seal. In no uncertain terms, the DJI Mavic Pro is a marvel of flying tech. It’s crazy to see how much power DJI was able to cram into such a svelte form but they did it and it is a pure joy to use. With that said, go ahead and check out the unboxing video.

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  • Ooooh. The guy who doesn’t do drones is sneaking around with a little drone! Let’s go fly sometime.

    • BTW… no 1″ sensor in the MP. There’s a nice 1″ Sony sensor in the Phantom 4 Pro.

    • oh snap – you’re right. I misread the spec page and thought it was a 1.23″ sensor but it’s actually a 1/2.3″ sensor. Thanks for keeping me honest there, dude.

    • Brian Matiash Mavic 2. I’m hoping for a big sensor in a tiny bird.