We’re about due for a new installment of my Flixel Cinemagraph Highlights series, right? I know, I know… I proselytize about cinemagraphs a lot and I do so because each time I see a strong one, it just knocks me out. And what I really enjoy about them is that you can expand on your creativity, as Thomas Brand clearly did in his cinemagraph below. So let me attempt to deconstruct this one. I could be wrong but this is how I see it. There’s clearly a timelapse from the base of New York’s famous Flatiron Building happening. This serves as the motion component of the cinemagraph. Next, because Flixel allows you to drop in a frame, it looks like Thomas chose one of this person jumping in mid-air. The thing that I’m not sure of is whether the person was masked off of the original image’s background or was this a separate still frame taken with the camera in the same position.

Speaking of camera position, notice the brilliant use of the low angle. It works beautifully for two reasons. First, it gives the Flatiron Building that looming, grandiose quality… which makes sense since it does have a commanding presence when you’re standing at its base. Secondly, the low angle lends itself to give the jumping person a sense of taking off for flight. I suspect that if Thomas chose to photograph her (and the scene) more at eye level, he would have lost most of the impact. And so, I’m happy to feature this cinemagraph of Thomas’.

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