3 Hidden Features in Snapchat

3 Hidden Features in Snapchat

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There’s no denying that Snapchat is the current ‘darling’ social platform and, when used effectively, it can yield wonderful results in terms of supplementing your brand identity. It all boils down to merging two things: 1. knowing who your audience is and 2. understanding what type of content is best suited for Snapchat.

With that said, you may not know it but there are a bunch of hidden features—aka Easter Eggs—in Snapchat that can be really useful and add more depth to your snaps. Normally, the lack of discoverability of key features would drive me mad but I have to admit, there is something charming about gleaming something new simply by chatting with a friend about the app.


To pay it forward, I recorded this quick video walking you through three of my favorite hidden features in Snapchat.

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