I love Little Zig Zag Falls and it’s mostly because of the challenges that the area has. Walking in either direction from the makeshift parking area, you immediately become aware of the sheer busyness of the creek. But it’s not a busyness caused by people. Rather, it’s a product of the vast number of fallen tree trunks and branches that you’ll see everywhere. It’s quite a departure from other areas that I photograph but I’ve come to embrace and even love the challenges of this particular waterfall. Each obstacle can yield numerous rewards if you vary up your focal length and vantage point.

Case in point – I initially framed this photo much closer to the intersection of the two tree trunks. But upon further inspection, I switched to my Zeiss Batis 2.8/18 and moved a few steps back. Instantly, the trunks took on a more imposing role and I found a photo that I was most happy with. Often times, these obstacles are unavoidable, so your best bet is to simply learn to work with them. The results can truly surprise you.