Welcome to Episode 4 of ON1 Inspiration! If you were a betting person, it’d be safe to place your bet that I’d always go for a photo that has no one else in it. It’s just who I am as a photographer and I’ve learned to embrace that, making it a part of my brand. However, as a photographer, I want to ensure that I leave myself room to grow and expand. Doing so increases my likelihood of broadening my capabilities and reach. It also helps me in my pursuit of creating unique photos.

That’s why I chose to feature a person in a photo that most people often omit. You’ve likely seen these giant blocks of ice marooned on the shores of Iceland’s black sand beaches. Pretty much every photo I can recall of these subjects were devoid of people. So, I decided to change things up and see whether the human factor could help me convey a different experience when viewing these photos. In this video, I go into my thought process about using a person in my frame and then turn to ON1 Photo 10 to stylize it.

After you watch this episode, take some time to think about how you can leverage the human factor with your photography. I’m not talking about a straightforward portrait. I’m challenging you to put some real thought into how you can leverage a person—or people—to expand on an already familiar subject. I’d bet that you’ll find some real growth there.

ON1 Inspiration: Episode 4