Two of the most common ways that I create is by photographing and by writing. Simply put, these are two of my greatest passions. However, there are times when my creativity in one is completely stifled, as was the case earlier this morning when I sat down to write out the content for my next eBook. No matter what I did, the words wouldn’t come to me. So, I decided to turn my creative energy to work on some photos, settling on a series that I took way back in January at Ecola State Park. I vividly remember shooting that location because, much like today, my creative energy wasn’t resulting in anything that I was excited about. The first few photos that I took fell flat—just a bunch of rocks with the ocean water crashing off of them. It wasn’t until I continued walking down the beach that I noticed a lighthouse perched atop an island way out in the distance. It was so far away that I had initially overlooked it completely.


That’s when it hit me. I needed to set a goal for myself, something to challenge how I would approach this location and the far-off lighthouse would be my catalyst. That challenge is where this photo tip stems from. Because the lighthouse was so off in the distance, there wasn’t much that I could do to capture it by itself. So, I challenged myself to find as many ways to creatively incorporate it into the rocky scene in front of me. With all the varying sizes and shapes of sea rocks, my creative juices kicked into gear and it was great because I gave myself a goal. And that really is the simplicity of this photo tip. Creativity isn’t a guarantee and you aren’t deserving of it just because you have good intentions. Sometimes, you need to challenge yourself in a way that spurs your creativity. That challenge can be manifested in any number of ways—you just need to be open to it.