Here’s the thing with social media and the act of following someone: it’s usually a good indication that—to some extent—I’m interested in keeping up with what you’re doing… currently. And to be fair, as both a seasoned content creator and consumer, I understand the importance of knowing your audience. Specifically, I know how important it is to keep your audience engaged through the act of sharing. Whenever I share something with you, I want to give you meaningful information that’s relevant to me at the moment. Sometimes, it’s a small tidbit and other times, it’s a much larger piece but in all cases, I want to share stuff with you now. You following me is the clearest indication that you’re interested in these details and it is my duty to oblige.

Recently, I’ve seen some people who I follow and am genuinely interested in begin supplanting useful and insightful content with meaningless platitudes of things to come and how excited they are for what’s in store in a few weeks. The way I see it, unless you’re a product in and of yourself—a surefire way to turn me off—stop telling me how you’re going to change in a few weeks, what that change will look like, and why I should be interested.

Instead, show me what you’re doing NOW. Are you experiencing any hurdles? Did you recently learn something awesome that you want to share? How about your thoughts on an interesting, apropos topic? Engage with me now. Don’t try to entice me by asking me to hang on for a few weeks when you’re ready to unveil your metamorphosis. I simply don’t have that kind of attention span and—to be totally frank—neither does most of the Internet’s denizens.

Know Your Audience