While last week was the first time I physically traveled to Venice, Italy, my mind and imagination have been coming here for years. Visuals of its canals, gondolas, and unmistakable architecture have passed through my eyes and imprinted onto my brain since I was a kid. As a photographer who is fond of architecture and urbanity, it’s nearly impossible to browse through the Internet’s corpus of photos without coming upon the unmistakable scenery that Venice offers.

I left Venice with a new body of work that is wildly different than what I’ve ever done before, pushing me well past my comfort zone. So much so that it has given me a great deal to think about in terms of how I allow my future to unfold. Still, I did afford myself enough time to capture parts of Venice in ways that are familiar to me, like this famous view of the parked gondolas just off of Piazza San Marco. As the sun set, there was nothing to stop me from strapping on some filters and dragging the shutter. It felt damn good, too. It was a reward I allowed myself after spending the days teasing out the real artist in me.

For now, I’m going to leave you with this one photo in my gondola series. More will come for certain. In the meantime, I have to return to spending some more serious brain cycles thinking about the impact and outcome of my trip to Venice.