For most of my life, I’ve taken the safe road. That statement, in and of itself, isn’t meant to be taken as a positive or negative. It’s simply how things played out for me and, in a lot of cases, it has benefited me. However, the past few years has brought about a lot of unique and unusual opportunities, most of which would not have happened or resulted in great things had I not forced myself to branch out, throw safety to the wind, and embrace the uncomfortable.

Most amazing things achieved by humans are usually borne out of taking calculated, and sometimes uncalculated, risks. That next level of personal growth often begins at the onset of whatever makes you feel uncomfortable. This philosophy is applicable for both photographers and, to a much greater extent, people in general. Often times, when we reach an impasse with our creativity, a bold new step or change in direction is the only action worth considering. If success was found in the safe path, we’d all be super successful. Realizing this brings a sense of comfort for some reason… almost as if I am granting myself permission to branch out and explore areas that I may have otherwise avoided.

We’re winding 2015 down and I’m making my own resolutions early, challenging myself to not just try, but to do¬†different things. As Google/Alphabet CEO, Larry Page, is famous for saying, it’s time to make myself feel uncomfortably excited.

What about you? What are you going to do to make yourself uncomfortably excited? What would keep you from doing it?