It’s no secret that I’m officially done with the summer and have been for a few months now. One of the biggest reasons why I moved to the Pacific Northwest was to become enveloped by the cool temps, refreshing rains, and dry air. Thus far, the summer has been a crazy one. I think Portland broke its own record for 90+ degree days in a single season. Last year’s mild winter coupled with the intense summer has left me with very little shooting time in the Gorge and surrounding areas. My visits to certain staples were fruitless, as creek beds ran dry and waterfalls were barely recognizable with their weak flow. No, summer is not my favorite season.


Fortunately, if the weather forecasts are worth a damn, my beloved autumn season will soon meander its way into the region and with it will come cool weather and the rains that will bring back the lush and verdant colors that the region is famous for. The anticipation was great enough that it resulted in me revisiting¬†older photos from the area. This is just a small taste of what’s to come. Now bring on the rain!