This photo tip popped into my head yesterday as I was browsing through photos from my trip to Tokyo last year. I was scanning through a Lightroom folder and came upon a series of photos I took of the Tokyo Tower from my hotel room, in Roppongi Hills, at night. When I clicked on the folder for the next day, I saw another series of photos, again of the Tokyo Tower from my hotel room, but this time, they were taken during the day. Naturally, revisiting a scene at night and during the day can yield completely different results but it was important enough for me to want to make a post around it. It’s not so much the difference in light that I want to bring up. Rather, it’s the act of mentally planning out specific areas to return to at different times of the day so that you can capture that scene with all of its intricacies and nuances. Learning to identify particular aspects of your surroundings to anticipate how they may change over the course of a the day is a hugely important skill to master and will serve you very well at home and on your travels.


Sure, returning to a scene across several seasons, or times of year, can yield great opportunities, but I find that to be less probable of a goal to achieve. It’s not as likely that I could return to Tokyo for all four seasons, no matter how much I’d love to. However, because I was visiting for a week, it was very easy for me to at least capture this scene during the day and during the night. Do you have any similar series of photos that highlight the same scene at different times? If so, please share them with us!