As it currently stands, my Lightroom catalog has about 185,000 photos and videos stored within it. Of those records, I’m certain that I’ve spent any meaningful amount of time on, maybe, 1% of them. 1%! And the crime is not that I don’t have time to budget for them, but rather it’s because I simply forget. I’ve tried pinning the tail on the donkey and choosing a random folder from a prior year but I almost always lose focus. Recently, I tried something new. I have a smart catalog in Lightroom that houses every single photo that I’ve shared online. It’s a pretty simple workflow – shared photos get four stars. The smart collection automatically populates any photos that have a four star rating. See? Simple.


So it stands to reason that if I had worked on and shared a photo that I liked, there could be others from that same shoot that I’d like but simply lost track of over time. That’s where this simple, buy likely overlooked, Lightroom contextual menu item has proven itself immensely useful. When I go to my four star smart collection, I’ll find a photo that jumps at me. It doesn’t matter what it is or when I took, I’ll just scan the collection. When I find something I like, I right click on it and select the menu item, “Go to Folder in Library.” This brings me directly to the folder containing all the photos from that shoot, photos that had gone forgotten until now.

Master_Catalog-2_lrcat_-_Adobe_Photoshop_Lightroom_-_LibraryThis is how I stumbled upon the two photos in this post. They were taken during a trip to Australia in April 2014. Up until earlier today, I had totally forgotten about them but once I was ushered back to this folder, I saw all of these photos that excited me! I got to working on a few and that’s when I realized the photo tip for today’s post. The more you shoot, the easier it is to forget about what you’ve already shot. You never know what diamonds can be found in the rough. Just remember to go looking for them.