Bring forth the rain

Bring forth the rain

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One of the main reasons why I moved to Portland was for the rain. Rain is life. It helps keep the verdant surroundings of this area lush and beautiful. It ensures surges in the waterfalls and creeks that line the Columbia River. And it helps keep the climate nice and cool. Daddy like all of those things. Yesterday, I saw this headline appear in my Twitter feed and was positively deflated. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy pleasant summers. I’ll take the dry heat that we typically get up here. But when I visit Gorton Creek to test out some new cameras and lenses and find it to be almost entirely dry—so much so that I can cross the creek without getting wet—it’s time to bust out some tribal rain dances.

I’m not terribly worried, mind you. I’m just getting anxious and impatient. When I’m standing right in the middle of one of these creeks and I hear the falls crashing in the distance and that cool spray is flying around, I’m genuinely happy. My head clears up and tension flows out of my feet and down with the current. I’m luck to live in such a magical place and am seriously counting the days until that rain comes back. I’ll be here with open arms and some charged camera batteries.


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  1. Lindy Leigh August 13, 2015 at 4:40 pm - Reply

    Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow. We really need the rain.

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