The past few weeks have been a positive whirlwind. After spending an emotionally fulfilling, and exhausting, workshop in Nicaragua with The Giving Lens and Empowerment International, I had hoped to spend a week or so taking stock of my time there. I have a lot that I want to share—I just need to sort it all out. That mental respite that I had hoped for had to wait because I took part in a two day press event with Sony, marking the availability of the hotly anticipated a7R II camera body (Amazon | B&H). Once that event ended, I packed my Jeep and made my way south to spend a few days in Bandon, OR. My friend, Andy Biggs, is holding a workshop here, so I thought it’d be a good opportunity to catch up with him and my good friend (and former Google Photos colleague), Aravind Krishnaswamy.

I’ll see what there is to see here and likely make my way back home sooner than I had hoped. I’m really eager to share the photos and thoughts from Nicaragua. Once I can take some deep breaths and get my mind in order, I’m certain it’ll all fall into place.

Until then, please enjoy the beauty of Bandon’s rugged coastline.



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