Despite arriving in Granada, Nicaragua last night, its character and charm didn’t fully hit me until this morning. Just steps outside of my hotel are streets lined with vibrantly colored facades and equally vibrant people walking, riding, and driving. This next week will bring me well outside of what I’m used to in many ways. Earlier today, we officially kicked off this year’s The Giving Lens: Nicaragua workshop, and it’s already proving to be a profound experience. Over the next seven days, we’ll be immersing ourselves deeply within the local culture. Partnering with the wonderful folks at Empowerment International gives us an opportunity to work closely with a group of eager and talented kids, all of whom share the same love of photography that we do.

Before the workshop started, a few of us took the morning to stroll around the city. This was the first time in a very long time that I embraced candid street photography. I welcomed making eye contact with strangers, smiling at people who I didn’t know, and approaching them, asking to take their photo. In every case, I walked away thankful for the experience and appreciating just how amiable the locals are.

This photo illustrates my practice of waiting for a singular moment to capture a person going about their day, totally oblivious to my existence. While I’m very familiar of the decisive moment, it’s really nice to put it into practice for myself. There are many more photos to come, too!