Several years ago, I visited the charming town of Port Townsend in Washington state for the first time. I fell in love immediately with how quaint the area was. It was apparent the second I drove my vehicle off of the ferry that shuttled us over. However, despite its small town charm, the area was really packed with people, especially when we got to the shore and docks. That was something I hadn’t expected. The adjacent beach was teeming with people, which seemed odd to me because the weather was not exactly pleasant and that usually acts as a deterrent for most folks. I quickly realized that the reason for the crowds was a homemade boat launch race that was about to happen. Everyone had congregated to see the floating contraptions that were being raced into the water.

After a few minutes of watching the event, I turned around and my jaw dropped. Behind me was the entire dock free of anyone else. Had I not turned around to look where everyone else was not, I would have missed this golden opportunity. So, I made my way past the crowd and enjoyed about an hour of unfettered, uninterrupted shooting time here, ultimately walking away with some photos that I truly cherish. And it serves as a worthwhile photo tip that it can pay to go against the grain every now and then.