Lofoten Dreams

Lofoten Dreams

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The magic of Norway’s Lofoten Islands lies in the sheer number of places that you can capture its beauty and tranquility. Darting along these interconnected islands is an adventure in and of itself, revealing massive fjords and regal mountain peaks. I have been fortunate enough to visit during its bitterly cold winter season and, most recently, during the summer solstice, where the sun shines its beautiful light all day and all night. On this particular morning, Nicole and I made tracks around 3AM, hoping to make the most of the light and the empty roads. At first, things looked iffy with a sky quickly filling with storm clouds. The rain managed to hold off long enough for us to find this lookout just outside of Reine, the town where we based ourselves out of for the week.

Fortunately, our decision to press on paid off with dividends. The combination of the storm clouds and the low hanging sun created this insane quality of light. It’s hard to put into words but if anything, it reminded me of sickly light—warm, golden light trying to bust through dark, cool-toned clouds. I can picture it vividly in my mind and it was one of the most surreal experiences I can recall. After begin granted about 15 minutes of shooting time, the rain became impatient and commenced falling down in heavy buckets. No matter, though. In the Lofoten Islands, all you need to do is drive a bit further down the road and you’ll undoubtedly find something new and beautiful.

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