I just received my check-in notice for our return flight that will take us back home to Portland after two wonderful weeks traveling around Norway and Iceland. Both countries offered up some exquisite landscapes and amazing light, along with a sorts of temperamental weather. After all was said and done, Nicole and I ended up circling the entire country of Iceland, veering off the main road, Highway 1, whenever we wanted to visit a particular destination.

Kirkjufell Foss is one such destination, located along the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Despite seeing many photos of this particularly picturesque waterfall, we initially drove right by it. I think both of us were expecting it to me much larger. So, when we turned around and spotted a modestly sized waterfall in the distance, we both were left wondering, “is that it?” While the waterfall may not be gigantic, it is very charismatic with its multiple tiers of falls leading out to the peculiarly shaped Kirkjufell Mountain.

While we had nothing but pure blue skies all day, someone decided to look favorably on us and sent in a sky full of clouds as the light started getting really good. Because I was focusing on using the Zeiss Batis 25mm/2 lens on my Sony a7II, the only way I could adequately capture the entire expanse of the falls was to level my tripod and shoot eight panels to stitch as a panoramic image. Lightroom 6 handled that task with ease and the stylization was a breeze from there.