If there is one thing that I’ve learned to appreciate about the Lofoten Islands of Norway, it’s how fun and easy it is to explore all of its random paths. Some are paved, some are not… and others are what travelers would consider “primitive” in that there is some semblance of a trail. Whatever the case, your best bet is to get off the main one and see where it takes you.

Yesterday, Nicole and I had some rather agreeable weather during our mid-night shoot and we would never have found a scene like this one had we not veered off the main path. This was not the only time we had taken our chances to see what lies off the guided road and in all cases, it has paid back with dividends. It’s hard to not let your mind wonder what it must be like to wake up to this sort of scene every morning but while that isn’t our reality, it is something that we’re striving to capture and share. I always though that this sort of serenity was limited to storybooks and I guess, like storybooks, adventure and exploration are key.

We’ve got one more full day in Reine before we begin our trek to Iceland for a week. I’m already looking forward to the paths we’re going to veer off of there.