With all my travels around the world, it’s safe to say that this one, thus far, has thrown my body clock for the biggest loop. Despite getting to Reine two days ago, I couldn’t get into a normal rhythm. Part of it has to do with the fact that the sun doesn’t actually set in this area from May – July, which is actually quite a wonderful thing. It’s approaching midnight as I type this message and when I look out the window of my quaint cabin, it looks like it’s 6PM. Unfortunately, it has been raining nonstop for two days straight, so shooting has been spotty. The good news is that the weather is supposed to pick up completely in a few hours, and with all the light from the midnight sun, I’m really excited to stretch the legs!

We did have a break in the rain during sunrise today, which gave me a perfect opportunity to put the new Zeiss Batis lenses to work. I ended up adding the Formatt-Hitech Firecrest Circular Polarizer and 4-stop ND filter to the 25mm Batis lens and grabbed the necessary panels for a wide pano, stitched in Lightroom 6 and weighing in at about 60 megapixels.

To contrast this, here is a photo I took of the same area back in March, with my Sony a7R. Surprisingly, the conditions were mostly the same but notice how much more snow there was on the mountains in the background. I love being able to return to the same scene at different times of the year to see what changes have taken place.