Iceland on my mind

Iceland on my mind

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First of all, I’ve gotta give a big fist bump to Iceland Air for providing in-flight wifi all the way from Portland to Iceland for 7 Euro. I just flew from JFK to PDX yesterday and paid $40 for pitiful service from Gogo, so this is a breath of fresh air.

So today, Nicole and I kick off a two week trip that puts us in Oslo for a night followed by a week in Reine, nestled right in the Lofoten Islands of Norway. After that, we’ll spend eight days in a Kuku camper, chasing the light wherever it may be. It feels like only a few weeks ago that I headed out to both places for the first time, but that was February and things were a bit different. The primary difference being the weather, of course. We’re not expecting quite as cold temps now but, then again, we likely won’t have access to ice caves, either. Also, because of the near-24 hours of daylight, there is no chance of seeing any aurora.


The thing I’m looking forward to most, though, are the reflections and lush greenery of the island. In February, all of the mountains and surrounding terrain were naturally covered in snow and the lakes were frozen over. Not much in terms of reflections or greenery. But, these bitterly cold conditions offered a bunch of unique challenges for my photography and I walked away with a new appreciation for those who brace such extreme temps with such little in terms of color variations.

While this is only my second visit to Iceland, I know it will be far from my last. Now that Iceland Air introduced direct flights between PDX and KEF, getting to this wondrous island is easier than ever. What’s better is that they have a great program called, #MyStopOver, which encourages visitors to stay for a while in the country either before or after any other destinations in Europe. And it really makes sense to visit many times at different times of year. Like Portland, this area changes so dramatically as the seasons push on and in order to really appreciate its beauty, you need to give yourself a chance to see it throughout the year.


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