My good bud, Colby Brown, is visiting the area for about 10 days and is staying with us, which is actually good because it gave Nicole and me the kick in the butt that we needed to finish setting up the guest bedroom in our basement. Today is our first outing and we’re taking Colby to one of our favorite waterfalls in Washington, Panther Creek Falls. It has been quite a while since I’d photographed this area and when that happens, I find it very useful to put a bit of preparation in to help get the creative juices flowing. The preparation process usually involves me searching my Lightroom catalog for keywords for Panther Creek Falls and review the results.

Rain showers

One of the main reasons why this sort of preparation is especially useful for waterfalls like Panther Creek is because, despite most of its spectacles being confined to this one particular section, there are so many ways to isolate and share its character and, by taking visual cues from what I’ve already managed to find, it helps me think about different ways to do so again. So, if you find yourself returning to an area that you’ve photographed before, give yourself an opportunity to try this sort of visual preparation and see whether it helps you walk away with different types of photos.

BrianMatiash_20120617-BRI_5654_Canon EOS 5D Mark III

BrianMatiash_20120617-BRI_5507-Edit_Canon EOS 5D Mark III

BrianMatiash_20120617-BRI_5505_Canon EOS 5D Mark III