The weather on our second day in Reine was a bit different than on our first. As Colby describes it, it was “stormy with intermittent sunshine,” but that didn’t keep us from zipping around to different parts of the Lofoten Islands. It’s so cool to see how intricately and thoughtfully the Norwegian people have linked each of these islands. It really is a marvel of civil and structural engineering. Drive just a few minutes and you’ll likely jump onto a different island with its own charm and personality.

The three of us spent the day chasing down waypoints of notable areas. One of which was an easy-to-climb hill that provided a perfect panoramic view of the sleepy village of Olenilsøya. Colby, Joe, and I found our own little plot of hilltop and went to task. While the somber weather would likely turn off some photographers, we reveled in it and used it to further tell the story of this amazing area. Now if only we can clear the sky a bit and ratchet up the solar storms to 11 for an aurora light show, things would be aces.

Camera: Sony a7R with the Sony FE 16-35mm f/4
Filter: Formatt Hitech Filters ProIRND 6-Stop ND and Firecrest 105mm Circular Polarizer
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TVC-34L/BH-55
Stylization: Onone, Inc. Perfect Effects & Adobe Lightroom 5.7