Day 1 in Iceland

Day 1 in Iceland

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It hardly takes any time at all to understand why so many landscape and nature photographers flock to Iceland. It’s one of those places that absolutely lives up to the hype surrounding it. After landing here yesterday around 7am, we drove for about seven hours to our little hotel. Along the way, we stopped to photograph the glacier lagoon in Jökulsárlón as the sun began to set.

Thus far, Iceland’s diverse landscapes have proven to be a wonderful challenge for me. I’d never seen glaciers or icebergs like these before and it certainly is a departure from the sort of landscapes that I’m used to. Still, I am so thankful to have this opportunity, and another opportunity in June, to experience Iceland’s beauty.

Camera: Sony a7R with the Sony FE 16-35mm f/4
Filter: Formatt Hitech Filters ProIRND 3-Stop ND Filter
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TVC-34L/BH-55
Stylization: Adobe Lightroom 5.7


  1. Paul van der Heyde February 27, 2015 at 8:35 am - Reply

    Awesome image! Have fun there … I’m going in June as well (first week of June). It’ll be my first time in Iceland and I’m really excited!

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