A few days ago, my good friends at ThinkTank Photo sent over one of their latest bags that hasn’t even hit the shelves yet. Their approach to this bag is quite straightforward: the use of UAVs and quadcopters has been growing sharply and lugging around the gear needed for these types of aerial shoots can be very cumbersome. So, why not build a bag specifically for the quadcopter fliers out there? Enter the ThinkTank Airport Helipak. ThinkTank went with the smart decision to build a bag around the most popular series of quadcopters on the market right now: the DJI Phantom. In my case, I own the Phantom 2 Vision+, which fits perfectly.

So, I thought it’d be cool to put a quick First Look video of how this bag works. You’ll be happy to know that, despite it not being designed as such, the Airport Helipak has more than enough room to hold one or two of my Sony a7 bodies and my three primary lenses, along with all the accessories that I’d ever need. It’s a fantastic bag for the quadcopter photographer.

Check out the video and feel free to leave any questions about the bag in the comments section below.

DISCLAIMER: ThinkTank provided me with a complimentary Airport Helipak to test in the field and put this video together. I was not compensated at all beyond being provided the bag.