Dis guy.

I’m thrilled to join the ranks of an illustrious cadre of photographers who have stormed the gates and taken the reigns at 500px as guest editors. Browsing 500px is a daily ‘thing’ that I do, like putting on deodorant (don’t you?) or brewing a pot of coffee, and it has been a tremendous source of inspiration and reconnoissance when I head off to a new location.

Over the next 28 days (unless Feb magically turns into a leap year), I’ll be bringing you a curated selection of photos submitted by 500px users with the aim to inspire, drop jaws, and spur the creativity within all of you.

I’m also open to suggestion so if you see a photo that tugs at your heart strings, please do your online civic duties and let me know.

Image credit: Nicole S. Young ‪#‎nicolesygram‬