A lot of our days here in Hawaii have actual destinations tacked onto them. We’ll plan to go to Place ‘A’ for sunrise and aim for Place ‘B’ for sunset with some R&R in between. I suspect this MO may sound familiar to a lot of you trekking photographers. After all, a lot of why we go somewhere is to reach an intended destination. Fortunately, yesterday was not one of those days. Well, the sunrise was. We aimed to visit Waipio Valley and that’s what we did. However, later in the afternoon, we jumped into our Wrangler and just drove. No destination set – just a general direction.

In this case, our general direction was towards Hawi. As we drive down the wonderfully lazy and meandering Kohala Mountain Road, I couldn’t help but pull over at various spots because something just caught my eye. This fence is a perfect example. I loved how it zigged and zagged and that it was flanked with colorful wildflowers. Further down the road was a perfectly solitary tree sitting on the hillside. These are the fleeting instances that I usually zip by at speeds that exceed the posted speed limits and it’s a great reminder that they journey can be just as fulfilling, if not more so, than the destination.

Camera: Sony a7R with the Sony FE 24-70mm f/4
Filter: Formatt Hitech Firecrest 3-stop Soft Grad ND filter
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TVC-34L/BH-55
Stylization: onOne Perfect Effects 9 and Adobe Lightroom 5.7