A few months back, I wrote an article on Photofocus about making older images feel new again. I find myself often going back to older images shortly after taking a bunch of new photos. I think it’s similar to tea leaves and how they taste best when they’re allowed to steep in hot water. Last week was a busy one for me with a bunch of new images to show for it but I am just not quite ready to give them my attention. Sure, I’ve imported them, deleted the bad ones, and tagged them accordingly but it just isn’t quite time for the real creativity to begin.

It’s usually at these times when I turn to the back end of my catalog and blow off some of the dust and cobwebs. Sometimes, I’ll find a photo that I totally overlooked, like that $20 dollar bill that you find in your jacket pocket. Other times, I’ll review an image that I already finished working on and may have even shared to reprocess it altogether. That was the case with this photo of the ocean taken at Santa Cruz, CA. The original photo that I shared was a black & white conversion. It worked well because it focused on the tonality in the scene and really brought detail to the waves in the foreground. For this go-round, I decided to take a different approach and let color have its turn. I applied a custom-built split-toned preset in Lightroom and played around with some of the other controls until I came to a point where I was happy. So, in actuality, I now have the same exact photo represented in two totally different ways, each bringing something complementary to the table.