I’m still reeling from the past three days in Detroit. Never in my life have I seen such an extensive and accessible assortment of schools, churches, factories, and hospitals in this concentrated of an area. For the urban explorer, it really is a playground at a large-city scale. In the course of this weekend, we ended up visiting 11 sites, each offering its own sacrifices to the UrbEx lords. Fortunately, we all made it through without incident, except for my knee, which I landed on after climbing onto some loose rock. I’m still going through the collection of photos taken but rest assured that there are some really cool ones coming. I’m already counting the days when I plan on returning this summer, during the warmer temps and longer days. This particular photo was taken on our last day, in an abandoned church. I found that stairwells were my favorite subject matter on this trip and will be exploring more of those down the line.

This is a five-exposure bracket set taken at 2-stop increments with the Sony a7II and FE 16-35mm lens. For this trip, I took my smaller Really Right Stuff TQC-14/BH-30 tripod and angled it down at this aggressive angle. I created a 32-bit HDR image from these five brackets and tone-mapped them using Photoshop and Lightroom. Stylization was done with a custom preset that I built in onOne Perfect Effects 9.