I was excited for yesterday’s trip to Kodak’s favorite dog park, Thousand Acres, near Troutdale. Despite the cold and the rain, I was pumped because I had the opportunity to put two new pieces of gear to work for the first time. Last week, I received my freshly modified Sony a7 converted to infrared. After my trip to Grand Tetons National Park a few months back, I had been itching to get one of my cameras converted. Thankfully, the good folks at Precision Camera were more than up to the task of performing the conversion. My good friend at Sony, Johnny Pham, highly recommended Precision Camera and that was all I needed to hear.

I also had the opportunity to put my new Lensbaby Composer Pro (via Sony E-Mount) with the Edge 80 optic to use. The combination of the infrared and the selective plane of focus with the Lensbaby immediately opened up all sorts of interesting photo and video possibilities. I also got some really cool behind-the-scenes infrared/Lensbaby video that I’ll be sharing on my Patreon page, along with a workflow video of how I edit my IR photos.