I first learned about Patreon back in July and was immediately interested in its business model as a community-driven patron platform. It should be of no surprise that creative high quality, valuable photography content that is both educational and inspirational is not cheap nor is it a quick endeavor and the best way for you to ensure that your content has value is by putting value to it.

Now, while I’ve technically had a Patreon page for almost five months, I only just launched it publicly last night because I wanted to be absolutely sure that I could provide high quality content consistently. The last thing I want to be perceived as is just another person soliciting crowdsourced funding without any real direction. If I put my name to something, I want to be damn sure that it’ll be successful and not just be treated as a pet project.

With that, I’m seriously excited about this. Premium content that is actually funded ensures that everyone involved has real skin in the game and I think that is something that is missing these days. You support me in creating my brand of educational and inspirational photography content and I do my absolute best to ensure that it consistently meets your expectations. A simple and effective partnership.

Click here to check out my page. If what you see interests you, then I’d love to ask for your support. Thank you so much!