On Thursday, a ‘snowstorm’ that would be laughable by northeast US standard passed through the area. True to form, snow did form and it actually stuck. Not to miss out on enjoying the Columbia River Gorge covered in snow, I headed out to photograph Wahclella Falls. I was joined by three great people: Brian, William, and Britta. The hike to Wahclella was great. Snow and icicles greeted us the entire way and the the falls at the end of the trail did not disappoint. On the way back to Portland, we opted to exit at the Multnomah Falls stop off I-84 because we had noticed how pretty it looked on our way into the Gorge earlier that morning, covered in a sugar-coating of sorts. The cold temps helped in minimizing pedestrian traffic on the Benson Bridge and I was fortunate enough to get a photo with no one on it. All in all, a wonderful experience with equally wonderful people.

I took this photo with my Sony a7R and Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 super telephoto sitting on my Really Right Stuff TVC-34L/BH-55 tripod. I paired it up with a 3-stop 4×4 ND filter and a 105mm CPL filter, both by Formatt-Hitech, in order to drag the shutter and capture the movement of the falling water. For stylization, I decided to stretch my legs with onOne Software’s newly released Perfect Effects 9 and built a custom preset.