A waterfall in profile

A waterfall in profile

By |2014-10-23T06:02:18+00:00Oct 23rd, 2014|

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit the same waterfall. Every time I go back, I find something new about it. Maybe it’s because of the time of day or the weather or my own mood at the time. All I know is that there never is a good excuse to not visit a waterfall. And what’s great is that after I leave Germany tomorrow, I’ll have a fresh weekend to visit them again! I’m just glad that next week is the Photo Plus Expo in NYC. In addition to getting to visit my home city, see my family and catch up with a bunch of friends, I’ll also be able to have the awesome folks at Sony give my camera sensors some serious TLC. :)

Be sure to drop a note if you’re also planning on being at PPE!

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  1. Johnny Pham October 23, 2014 at 6:07 am - Reply

    Of course.. Wait till u see our setup this year…

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