I have so much admiration for photographers who can masterfully overlay textures on top of their photos. One of my favorite people who is a virtuoso in this area is Alan Shapiro. When I see one of his texturized files, my jaw simply drops. Admittedly, I don’t think I’m the most proficient in this realm of stylization but always love experimenting. Often times, I’ll turn to overlaying textures when I have a lot of negative space that isn’t contributing to the overall composition of the photo and would be served better by having some content take its place. Other times, I’ll look for a colorized texture file that can add a unique tint to the photo, as was the case with this image of the Tokyo Tower in Tokyo, Japan.

I took this photo handheld, straight out of my hotel window (in Roppongi Hills) during sunrise one morning. I used my Sony A7 and Sony Zeiss FE 24-70mm while using my jacket as a shade of sorts to help reduce the glare from the light bouncing off the window glass. The stylization and texture (Rice Paper Light) were applied using onOne’s Perfect Effects 8.5.