Continuing on down the road with infrared photography experimentation, I’m sharing this photo of the Grand Teton mountain range. The idea of starting so freshly with a new area of photography is very exciting due to the stumbles, but more because of what overcoming those stumbles may yield. Even as I look at this image, I see things that bother me or things that I’d do differently in the field. Regardless, I am sharing the image because it’s important to remind ourselves that growth is not always a perfect-looking photo. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s a rather harmonious cycle of a flawed execution that leads to identifying those flaws that leads to learning from those flaws that leads to growing stronger because of those flaws. I’d rather have my flaws so that I can learn and grow from them than meander through life under the delusional pretense that I have nothing more to learn.

This photo was created with an IR-converted Sony A7r and the Sony A-Mount 70-400mm lens. I decided to give onOne Software’s Perfect B&W a shot for the conversion here and was glad I did because the results were quite pleasing.