First off – I want to say Thank You!!! to everyone for taking the time to send along your happy birthday wishes. It means a lot and I really appreciate the gesture.

Well, I made it home safely and got all of my photos taken during the excellent Grand Tetons workshop imported into my primary Lightroom catalog. One of the images that I was most eager to share was this one taken on our second visit to Schwabacher Landing. During our first visit there at sunrise, I noticed that there was still a good amount of fall color in the leaves of some of the trees flanking the water. We knew that a storm was on its way, so it was important to try and get some more photos at this area before the winds and rain blow the remaining leaves off. Now, while the sun was really high at the time, we were lucky to have a sky full of clouds, which was great because it helped diffuse the sun and added awesome depth to the reflection in the water.

Now, because it was really windy at the time, I couldn’t get a clear reflection without the use of ND filters. So, I combined my Formatt-Hitech 10-stop ND, 3-stop ND, and Circular Polarizer (equivalent to about 2-stops of light loss) for a total of approximately 15-stops of light loss. This gave me a long enough exposure time to get some cool movement in the clouds and the grass in the foreground while also glassing out the water to get that smooth reflective surface. I took the photo with my Sony A7r and Sony A-mount 16-35mm f/2.8 lens. Processing was done in Nik Analog Efex Pro 2.