One of my chief concerns whenever I’m out creating photographs is making sure that I compose in such a way that directs the viewer’s eye. Effectively using leading lines and vanishing points is a surefire way to do this but I’ve also found that another great way to improve photo composition is by incorporating contrasting elements. Traditionally, we think of contrast in photography as a degree of difference between the tones in your image. However, there are multiple ways to look at that. For example, often times, I’ll pit warm tones squarely against cool tones or, as the case with this image, straight lines (with the trees) vs curved shapes (with the natural bend of the stream). All of these little methods help create a more compelling photo when done methodically. It’s something that everyone should keep in mind whenever a photo is being composed.

I took this image with my Sony A7r and my beloved Funkbuster: TNG Sony 16mm Fisheye lens. The camera was perched almost directly above the stream at Little Zig Zag Falls but was totally secure thanks to the spiked feet that I had on my Really Right Stuff TVC-34L/BH-55 tripod. Stylization was done by applying a VSCO preset in Lightroom and then adjusting to taste.