I know that this piece of advice has been shared many times before by me and by many other helpful people, but it warrants sharing again. Simply, create for yourself. Create whatever and however you want to create, on your terms. Share your creations with the world not for the paper-thin and fleeting affirmation of others, not for that ridiculous +1 or Like, but because, intrinsically, that is what you owe to yourself when you create. You will have your fans and detractors simply by virtue of creating something for yourself that you have shared. Expect and appreciate both for what they are and at an arm’s length. No one can define you or your work. They certain can try, and some will, but it’s on you to set your terms of who you are. And today, I want to share these inspirational words with the same intent that I share my photosprimarily to help myself and, hopefully, to help others who need it.