It really isn’t often at all that I’ll go on a shoot by myself. I’ll leave it to historians and psychotherapists to determine why this is the case with me but whenever I do go out on my own, I always tell myself that I should do it more often. Yesterday during the late afternoon, when the weather started to cool off a bit, I decided to jump into my Jeep and head to Little ZigZag Falls, near the town of Rhododendron. I’d been there a number of times in the past but not since moving back to Portland.

I had forgotten how thick the canopy of trees were, blocking most of the sunlight from hitting the surface. I definitely would not be needing my Formatt-Hitech filters on this shoot. Fortunately, I had the entire area to myself and was able to take my time looking for new photos to make. No timeframe. No distractions. Just me, my camera, and a whole lot of beautiful Oregon.

I created this photo with my Sony A7r and Sony 16-35/2.8 A-mount lens. My Really Right Stuff TVC-34L/BH-55 tripod had rock claw feet on, making it very easy to grapple the rocky floor. Stylization was done in Analog Efex Pro 2, part of the Nik Collection by Google.