There is a lot to be said about knowing when its time to move on and change your focus to different parts of your scene. When Matt Kloskowski and I first arrived at the Reflection Lakes at Mt. Rainier National Park this weekend, the showstopper was obviously the mountain set in the distance, reflecting off of the water’s surface. Given that we had a time constraint (we were scouting locations for the soon-to-arrive sunset), there were only so many ways to photograph the scene in front of me.

That’s when I changed gears, so to speak. I actually changed lenses from my ultra-wide Sony 16-35mm to my super-long Sony 70-400mm and began scanning for subsets of the scene that looked interesting. Sure enough, once my eyes got used to isolating smaller segments instead of taking in the vast landscape, a number of beautiful photographic possibilities emerged. This photo is one of my favorites from the day. It is simple, elegant and encapsulates the tranquility of this area. I like it far more than the wider shots I got with the mountain standing in relief.