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I often lament having tree trunks and branches obstructing the views that I’m trying to photograph. It always seems like there is a gigantic fallen tree that makes its way to a waterfall, blocking a key component of it. The one at Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park is legendary, as is the one at Ruckel Creek Falls. However, there are instances where a nice chunk of driftwood is a welcome addition, as is the case with this one taken at BZ Falls along the White Salmon River in Washington. The wood serves as a nice contrast against the stark rock and flowing water. Additionally, it provides a strong horizontal line against the predominantly vertical ones that were set up in this frame.

I took this photo with my Sony A7 and recently-sold Canon 70-200mm/2.8 lens. I had a Formatt-Hitech 3-stop ND filter to get me my 1/2 second exposure time and stylized in Analog Efex Pro 2, part of the Nik Collection by Google.

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