It’s almost comical when you think about what it takes to get to this particularly picturesque waterfall. You may think it involved a mile or two hike across ever-ascending terrain or a track of loose rock that hugs the side of a rapid stream. In either case, you’d be wrong. The path could barely be called a path. Namely, you park your car at a fairly obvious parking area on the side of the road and walk out 100 feet to the foot of these falls…. and you’re there. It’s really almost not fair…. but I will not complain if you won’t.

I took this photo with my Sony A7r, which I use pretty much exclusively for landscape photography. I had my Sony FE 24-70 and Formatt-Hitech 3-stop ND filter on to give me a 1/2 second exposure – the perfect shutter speed to capture this sort of water movement. I wouldn’t actually have been able to get this particular photo if it wasn’t for my Really Right Stuff TVC-34L/BH-55 tripod. The exceptionally long telescoping legs let me get the camera into position that required serious length. Stylization was done in Analog Efex Pro 2, part of the Nik Collection by Google.