Happy birthday, Brian Bonham!!

Happy birthday, Brian Bonham!!

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Having Brian, and by extension, his family, in my life is simply further proof of how profoundly impactful Google+ can be. I met Brian in the very, very early days of this network’s existence, on some random HOA that was going on. In those early frontier days, we were all just testing out all of the cool features that the Google+ engineers were building.

After moving to Portland, Brian and his family became an integral part of my life. We’ve spent Thanksgiving together, Christmas together, we’ve traveled to all sorts of places together. And if that weren’t enough, it was Brian who +Nicole S. Young and I chose to officiate our marriage. As The Most High Reverend, Brian executed our vows with his wonderful wife, +Kathi Bonham, as our witness. And then we drank…. lots. :)

I’m not sure why Brian has his birthday blocked from public notification but it won’t stop me from sending big birthday wishes his way. Happy birthday, dude. You’re one of my closest friends and I love ya like a brother even if you are old enough to be my dad. See ya for wings tonight! 

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