I’m down in Mountain View visiting Google HQ for the week and in preparation for that, I edited a batch of photos that I’m sharing while I’m down here. You’ve gotta love a streamlined cloud-based photos solution that allows me to have access to every ready-to-share photo from wherever in the world I am, regardless of the device that I’m using. The future is certainly going to be amazing for digital photographers.

I’m going back to Lower Antelope Canyon for today’s image. I can’t explain just how amazing this location is – for those who have already visited here, you’ll undoubtedly agree with me. When we arrived here, we sadly only had about 90 minutes to explore before the area closed, so time was of the essence. It would be a dizzying and futile attempt to describe how intricate the formations are here. Lines, curves, and waves of rock undulating and meandering in every direction, forming such narrow pathways that you often have to pass through sideways. If you happen to find yourself in this area, you absolutely have to make it a place to visit.

I took five bracketed photos with my Sony A7 and Canon 15mm Funkbuster Fisheye lens. All of the crazy curves with the rocks played perfectly into the crazy radial distortion of the fisheye lens. Tonemapping was done with Photomatix Pro and stylization was done in Nik Analog Efex Pro 2.