A few months ago, Matt KloskowskiHudson HenryRick LePage and I headed out to the Oregon coast to take a crack at photographing Thor’s Well at sunset. Our evening yielded great results although it came at the expense of Matt nearly falling into a somewhat substantial chasm and totally twisting his ankle (I wish I recorded it). Before actually reaching Thor’s Well, we stopped at this little beach area (I can’t recall the spot) to take advantage of the beautiful rocky scenes that our coastline is famous for. 

I used my Sony A7 to capture several exposures of this particular scene as the waves came crashing in. I was able to get just the right exposure thanks to my Formatt-Hitech CPL filter, which cut out about two stops of light. I then composited the best of three exposures in Photoshop, resulting in this photo. Stylization was done in Analog Efex Pro 2, part of the Nik Collection by Google.