It has been way too long since I’d paired up my Sony A7 with my Canon 15mm Funkbuster fisheye lens. The world is always so much more interesting when you add copious amounts of radial distortion. They key is finding the right elements in your frame that benefit, as it were, from bending and stretching. I always try to put anything with linear qualities around the edges of the frame because that is the region where distortion is most prevalent. It’s always a fun experiment and one that constantly reinvigorates my urge to create.

I took this photo back in February, while visiting Panther Creek Falls in Washington state. It’s easily one of my favorite places to visit. I used my Sony A7 along with the aforementioned Canon 15mm Fisheye lens (via a Metabones adapter). The camera was kept rock solid still thanks to my trusty Really Right Stuff tripod (can’t live without them). Editing was done pretty much all in Analog Efex Pro 2, part of the Nik Collection by Google. All in a day’s work.