In about an hour, I’ll be taking off to Germany to visit my colleagues at the Nik office in Lubeck followed by a short stint working out of the Google NYC office. It’s always cool to see what they’re working on. I guess image editing is funny like that – there always seems to be better or different or faster ways to edit an image. Whether it’s the style you apply or the platform that you work on, there is a never-ending quest to refine our editing techniques… and that’s a good thing. It helps reduce the likelihood of falling into a rut or pigeonholing yourself. It also aids in exposing ourselves to new ways of doing things, letting evolution play a little part in our methods of creative thinking.

I, for one, am always auditing how I edit, asking myself “Is there something better that I can do to more closely realize my creative vision?” I do the same thing when I’m out in the field, mind you, but I admit to having a special fondness for the post process. Do you find yourselves doing the same thing? It’s sort of like the photographer’s never-ending quest to find the perfect camera bag. I know you know what I’m talking about. :)

Take this image for example. There was a time not too long ago that I’d never even consider editing, much less posting, from a tablet (in this case, an Apple iPad Air). I’d give myself all sorts of excuses why that would be a tragedy. But, as I tinkered with the idea more and started factoring the rather sizable benefits to the lean and light, yet robust, mobile editing/publishing workflow, things started to jive. While waiting for my plane to board, I loaded this image up in Snapseed after syncing it from my Sony A7 camera via WiFi. Sure, I didn’t set the custom WB or work off of a RAW file. But you know what? I was really happy with the result and because of that, I am able to share it with you on-the-fly. No problems, no worries.

It’s something that I’m going to be exploring more of in the coming weeks here on my blog and I hope you are able to get as much out of this as I had.