I love it when a last minute plan comes together nicely. Yesterday, Nicole and I had the pleasure of taking our friends, Scott Kelby and Brad Moore, to the beautiful Latourell Falls, located right inside the Columbia River Gorge. Thankfully, the weather was mild with little wind, so the spray from the waterfall was at a minimum despite our close proximity to it. To change things up, I ended up focusing more on the foreground stream, letting the waterfall take a backseat for a change. I really loved how excited Scott and Brad were to photograph this area. It simply reinforces how much I love the Pacific Northwest.

Coincidentally, while Scott and Brad are here in Portland, I’m currently on a plane headed to Tampa to join them and Matt Kloskowski on The Grid, tomorrow, Wed 5/14 at 4:00PM Eastern/US. I’ve got a cool lil’ somethin’ somethin’ to announce regarding the Nik Collection and hope you can all join me.